We Are All Responsible for Campus Safety

Sierra College is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive learning and working environment for all members of the campus community. Campus safety is our top priority, and we take all reports of concerning behavior seriously to protect everyone’s health and well-being. 

Sierra College depends on our community of students and employees to identify and report behaviors of concern so the college can provide the appropriate support services and resources to those who have been affected. If you see something, say, and do something about it – request a referral for support, or report any concerning behavior or suspicious activity using the forms below. 

If you are in imminent danger, call 911. If you have a safety concern on campus, contact the Department of Community Safety.

Report It Forms for Student Use

Please use the following forms to request support or report concerning or suspicious behavior. Share only what you are comfortable sharing and, in some cases, you may submit your concerns anonymously.

Report It Forms for Faculty and Staff Use

Please use the following forms to report concerning or suspicious behavior. Learn more about faculty and staff reporting obligations.

Sierra College Faculty and Staff Reporting Obligations

At Sierra College, with a few exceptions* all employees have a duty, under Title IX and/or California Senate Bill 493 and District policies to report all forms of sexual harassment to the Title IX Coordinator. Employees are required to report all relevant information they know about sexual harassment, including the name of the Respondent (with Student ID number if known), the Complainant (with Student ID number if known) any other witnesses, and the date, time, and location of the alleged incident, to the extent that information is disclosed.

 *Therapists, CARE Directors and employees, or Campus Victim Advocates are generally exempt from reporting to the Title IX Coordinator.