Take Advantage of Two Years Free Tuition

Your first two years of tuition could be free! We want to remove financial barriers. There is no income requirement. 

What is Two Years Free?

Two Years Free* is Sierra College’s nickname for the CA State Promise Grant which covers the cost of tuition for eligible students. You may also hear it referred to as California Promise or AB-19 (Assembly Bill 19) and AB-2 (Assembly Bill 2).

* Due to reductions in state funding, Two Years Free is awarded on a tier system of first-come, first-serve priorities. 

What does Two Years Free cover?

Your tuition (the cost of your class units); $46 per unit. 

What does Two Years Free not cover?

  • Health Center fee
  • Student Center fee
  • Books
  • Transportation
  • Living expenses

Eligibility Requirements and How to Apply

Get In Touch

Financial Aid Services — Nevada County

Nevada County

Building N1, Room 112

M-R: 8:30am-5pm; F: 8:30am-noon