Supports All Students’ Needs So They Can Focus on Their Education

College is expensive! In addition to tuition, school supplies and books – many students need 2-3 jobs to cover food, transportation, and housing costs. They struggle to make ends meet.

Sierra College Foundation, in collaboration with the Sierra College District, is dedicated to promoting success and reducing equity gaps for ALL students. SAFE levels the playing field. Through SAFE, Sierra College students can get assistance to complete their education. Special efforts are made to address basic needs – including housing, food, transportation, books and supplies.  

Sierra College Foundation is raising $5 million for SAFE to establish a sustainable program and offer continued support for high need students. Can you help?

How Funds Will Be Spent

At the discretion of the Financial Aid office and Sierra College Foundation, SAFE awards are made to qualifying students who face circumstances that may stop them from attending college and continuing their education. These circumstances can include, but are not limited to: food insecurity; situational homelessness; health issues; transportation need; etc. The distribution from the Endowment is utilized to offer awards up to $1,500 to Sierra College Students in good academic standing (and additional criteria).

Together We Promise: A Successful Student = A Strong Workforce = A Thriving Community

Sierra College Foundation

Impact Story

Read Andi’s story to learn how our SAFE program helped her fulfill her educational dreams.

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