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Political Science


Learn about politics at the local, state, national and global levels. Study American politics. Examine other governments and their societies and policies. Gain appreciation for the growing role of international actors and the importance of global issues. Study scientific methods and theories to heighten your political understanding.

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Following graduation, Political Science majors work in many fields, including education, law, government, business, finance, public relations, international relations. Choose from many jobs in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Find jobs as attorneys, political consultant, lobbyist, FBI agents, UN officers, social workers, journalists or urban planners.

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Students in the People, Culture and Society area want to learn about others in order to serve them well. They learn about the diversity of human experiences and how our relationships with each other create a deeper understanding and acceptance of our similarities. Everyone at Sierra can take advantage of opportunities to learn about others through the Student Engagement Centers programming, People and Culture Days, and other campus events. Karin Green, Support Specialist


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    Communication Studies and Journalism

    Good communication is important in almost any job. Discover skills and tools to express yourself and understand different viewpoints.
    Communication Studies and Journalism
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    Gain a deeper understanding of the human condition and find ideas on how we can solve current problems using lessons from the past.

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