Collective Bargaining and Compensation by Employee Group

In order to understand the interests of all parties, at Sierra College we engage in the Interest Based Approach (IBA) when bargaining with our various constituent groups surrounding employee benefits, compensation, etc.

Three Employee Groups

Our employees fall into three different employee groups based off of their classification. Each employee group has its own salary schedules and two of our groups have their own collective bargaining agreements. Our employee groups are:

Mutual Interest Negotiation Team (MINT)

Both employee groups and the District work collaboratively to determine the allocation of distribution of monies for salary and benefits through MINT. The District has found this to be an effective way to consider and discuss the interests of all parties. To learn more, view the MINT Agreement.

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Sierra College is an equal employment opportunity employer committed to nondiscrimination and the achievement of diversity and equity among its faculty, staff, and students.