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What are Interest Areas?

An interest area is a group of related academic programs. They help students create a structured path to reach their educational and career goals. They also make it easier for students to meet and study with other students who share similar interests.

Watch our Interest Areas video to learn the benefits of interest areas, including how they can help you find the right academic program and career path for you.

Find Programs by Interest Area

We have nine interest areas that encompass more than 150 degree and certificate options.

Pathway App Tech

Applied Technology

If you enjoy working with your hands and are curious about modern technology, our Applied Technology studies might be your answer. Look at our programs and see what fits your interests the best.

Pathways Bus Inn

Business and Innovation

Do you dream of starting your own business? Are you a natural entrepreneur? Do you want to be a better businessperson? Consider one of our Business and Innovation programs.

Pathways Earth

Earth and Environment

Do you see a career helping the environment? Are you interested in agriculture, sustainability, or natural science? Check out our Earth and Environment programs to find out more.

Pathway Ed


Working with children is an important and rewarding career choice. If you’re interested in becoming a teacher, social worker or professional in the field of child care, look into our programs for education and human development.

Pathway Lang

Language and Literature

There are endless career possibilities for you if you enjoy language and literature. Learn more about the world by studying languages and the written word. 

Hands Icon

People, Culture and Society

From anthropology to humanities to sociology and everything else in between, our programs in People, Culture and Society will prepare you to be a citizen of the world. Learn about various societies and systems that impact the world and our everyday lives.

Pathway Pub Safe

Public Safety, Health and Wellness

Help people become the healthiest versions of themselves. Take up a career as a nurse, fitness trainer, policymaker or one of the many professions in Public Safety, Health and Wellness.

Pathway Stem

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) degrees can lead to lucrative, in-demand careers. Understand how the world works and how to transform your interest into a career.

Pathway Arts

Visual and Performing Arts

Turn your creativity into a career. Dive into your passion with one of our Visual and Performing Arts programs.

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