Helping Students Facing One-Time Emergencies

There is much more to funding a college education than tuition. Students are faced with the high cost of books, increased fees and normal living expenses: rent, car payments, and health care, to name a few.

It is not unusual for the Foundation to receive a call from a faculty or staff member about a student sleeping in his/her car in the parking lot who needs money for a rent deposit, a single mother who lives far away and is at risk of dropping out due to lack of gas money, or a student who has lost his job and has no way to pay for his books. The list goes on.

Sierra College Foundation is committed to raising $250,000 towards the Student Emergency Fund to offer grants of up to $500 to students with the highest need across all Sierra College campuses. 

Our Goal is to Help Students Stay in School

Today on Sierra College Campuses:

  • More than 21,000 students attend Sierra College
  • Need for financial aid has increased 40% in the past two years
  • Tuition and book costs have increased
  • Students cannot find jobs; unemployment for young adults is at an all-time high

Providing a one-time grant of up to $500 to a Sierra College student will:

  • Help keep the student in school
  • Provide a student with support at a critical transition time
  • Eliminate stress so that student can concentrate on school
  • Let the student know that someone believes in them

We are the open access point for our diverse community, as we allow for hope, change, and the betterment of lives. Many of our students face enormous challenges—especially in having their basic needs met. Emergency support funds can be the difference to enable success and completion, and they are critical for the students that apply for them at a moment of great need.

Dr. James E. todd, vice president of student services/assistant superintendent

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