Internships are an excellent way to gain valuable hands-on experience while applying your classroom learning and developing your skills/knowledge in a particular field or profession.

Internships For Credit

An Internship For Credit is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application in a professional setting while earning college credit. You gain professional experience in your career field, develop industry skills and connect with experienced professionals under the direct supervision of a site supervisor. If you are eligible, you can earn up to four units of college credit through an internship by registering for an internship course in the fall, spring, or summer semester.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Currently enrolled students who are 18 years or older at the start of their internship (students enrolled in high school are not eligible).
  • Students who have a confirmed internship that provides new and expanded learning related to their education or career goal
  • Students should have a declared program of study (major), completed at least one semester of college and an overall 2.0 GPA.

International students must have approval from a Sierra College Designated School Official (DSO) in Enrollment Services. Students receiving VA education benefits should consult with a Sierra College VA Certifying Official in the Veterans Success Center.

To complete your eligibility, you must complete the self-paced internship orientation. The orientation includes submitting internship details that need to be determined in consultation with a site supervisor and internship instructor. Get started through Canvas.


Internship Information for Students
Learn what an internship for credit is, how it works, and required steps.

Internship Orientation
Eligible students can join the Canvas shell to complete the self-paced internship orientation. Student are encouraged to start the orientation well in advance of the deadline. The orientation includes submitting internship details that need to be determined in consultation with a site supervisor and internship instructor.

Information for Internship Sites 
Learn how to provide internships for credit and ensure students receive a professional, well-rounded learning experience.

Find an Internship

Start considering where and what type of internship you're looking for. Use these resources to find possible options. Reach out to us for assistance anytime.

Internship Dates and Deadlines

Find out internship course start and end dates and when the orientation must be completed.

Internship FAQ

Find answers to common questions about internships.

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Use the video lesson series to learn and practice 21st Century skills needed for college and career success.

Use our guide to find meaningful work, to lead a strategic job search, create an unforgettable resume and cover letter, and conduct a memorable interview.

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