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You love the sciences, and you want to be able to combine fields of study. Understand the natural world, test theories and solve problems. This is the perfect major if you plan on going to medical school or becoming a science teacher.

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Following graduation, Recreation Management majors work in many fields, including education, natural science and medicine. Find jobs as teachers, researchers, doctors, forensic scientists, medical lab technician, natural science managers, environmental technicians or chemical technicians.

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Students in Earth & Environment have many opportunities to get involved through events like Earth Day and Earth & Environment Career Night, joining eco-conscious clubs, networking with professors, peers, and more. Connect with your Support Network early to have resources and supports tailored for your success! Kayla Ham, Support Specialist

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  • Earth Science/geology students discussing class project in a classroom

    Earth Science

    Study earth's origins, geology, atmosphere and oceans. Get hands-on experience working in a lab to prepare you for an interdisciplinary science career.
    AS-T AS
    Earth Science
  • Environmental Sciences and Sustainability instructor and students learning about flowers and plant life

    Environmental Sciences and Sustainability

    Find sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. Gain a strong science background to help protect our natural resources.
    AS-T AS AA
    Environmental Sciences and Sustainability

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