What is an Educational Plan?

An Educational Plan is a personalized plan that you develop alongside your counselor, based on your academic and career goals. Your educational plan serves as your guide for which courses to take each semester. To stay on track, we recommend reviewing your plan with your counselor every semester to discuss any possible changes or updates.

NOTE: Sometimes you may hear an Educational Plan referred to as a Student Educational Plan or SEP, and other times as a My Academic Plan or MAP. They are all the same document.

How to Get an Educational Plan

New, Returning and Transfer Students

  1. Complete our required Career and Planning (CAP) session. CAP will help you make educational choices based on your goals and help you develop your first Educational Plan with your counselor. Log in to CAP in Canvas to get started.
  2. Follow the instructions found at the end of your CAP session to book your first counseling appointment.
  3. Register for classes using the Educational Plan you created with your counselor.

Current Students

Schedule a counseling appointment online or by contacting counseling. Please state that you want to create or update your Educational Plan as the reason for meeting. This way enough time is scheduled since Educational plans require more time than a short drop-in visit.

If you have any questions, contact Counseling.

Where is Your Educational Plan?

Starting October 2023, we began transitioning Educational Plans from Degree Planner to DegreeWorks. If you don’t know where your plan can be viewed, start with DegreeWorks. If you do not find it in DegreeWorks, then refer to Degree Planner. If you don’t find a plan in either place, schedule a counseling appointment to create one. 

View Your Educational Plan in DegreeWorks

Check Degree Works:

  • Log in to mySierra
  • Click on “Home” tab (in top left)
  • Click “Degree Works” on dropdown menu
  • Click on “Plans” in the top left-hand corner to view your most updated plan

View Your Educational Plan in Degree Planner

Follow these steps or watch a how-to video to view your plan in Degree Planner:

  1. Log in to mySierra
  2. Click on the “Home” tab (in top left) and click on “Sierra Connect”
  3. Once in Sierra Connect, select the menu icon (three stacked lines) in the top left corner
  4. Click on “Degree Planner” in the dropdown menu
  5. Select your plan, which states “Approved” or “Active”
  6. View the courses tab to see which courses you and your counselor determined you need for that semester

When Should I Update My Plan?

  • When you change your major or educational goal
  • When you need to add/remove/change classes on an existing plan
  • When Financial Aid requests an updated plan for a financial aid reinstatement or max unit appeal

If you need to update your plan, schedule an appointment online or call Counseling.

Educational Plan Counseling Session

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