Donna Knifong: Communications Instructor at Sierra College Promotes Positive Change Through “The Listener Project”

July 1, 2016

My mother attended Sierra College and used to bring me to class, where I would read my Nancy Drew books while she took lecture notes from the professor. I, too, was once a student here, taking the courses that, as a faculty member now, I have the privilege to teach. Sierra College gave me this strong foundation to achieving my higher education, as well as many of my family members and friends throughout the years.

This institution continues to bless me with wonderful students who inspire and teach me every day, and colleagues who care deeply and actively strive for student success. The work that I do outside of the classroom, in relation to my field, Communication Studies, is fueled by a supportive campus climate centered on expanding minds and touching hearts. I call this work The Listener Project: Better Lives through Better Listening, because its purpose is to promote the importance of truly listening and understanding others on campus and in the community. It is work that I am not sure I would ever have done, much less thought to do, if I worked any place other than Sierra College.