The Office of Instruction oversees all instructional programs throughout the District. Three divisions in Rocklin, as well as the off-site campuses in Truckee, Nevada County and Roseville, report to Instruction as do the offices of Research and Staff Development.

Direct reporting lines to the Office of Instruction include six Deans, six Associate Deans, and four Classified Staff. Approximately 250 Full-time Faculty, approximately 1000 Part-time Faculty report directly to their respective Divisions/Centers, but remain under the purview of the Office of Instruction.

We produce ePAR and program reviews for the following:


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Allied Health and Nursing Program

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Business and Technology

The Business and Technology (formerly Business, Applied Academics, and Physical Education) Division plays a vital role in preparing students for their technical careers or transfer preparation to four year schools as a junior. It also provides experience and background in general education for all students. Many professionals take classes in this division for job training and to upgrade their skills.

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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Sierra College is a group of programs that prepares students for entry into professional level employment opportunities, typically within one to four semesters. There are 26 programs offered at Sierra College that directly relate to industries within the Sierra District and its local labor market needs.

Our programs are led by educators with extensive expertise in their field, many of which also hold positions outside of the college, which contributes to our faculty being the most up-to-date trainers and instructors in these industries. Our programs are also led through Advisory Boards: professionals and leaders in each field or industry who are consulted on an on-going basis regarding program offerings, development, curriculum, labor market needs, new technology and other workplace skills necessary for graduates of these programs to be successful.

We invest over $200,000 each year in updating our technology, equipment and materials to ensure our students are learning at or above the current industry standard. Our programs are lauded by industry leaders as fully meeting their technical knowledge base and employment needs.

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Kinesiology and Athletics

Health Education stresses the mental, social and physical well being of the individual. Kinesiology and Athletics provide the opportunity for individuals and groups to learn skills, develop total fitness, and participate in activities that provide carry-over interests, physiological results, and wholesome social interchange. Recreation Management provides the foundations of recreation, tourism and resort management.

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Liberal Arts

This program provides an introduction to critical thinking, multicultural studies and the arts for students interested in strengthening their analytical and communication skills and/or transferring to four-year colleges and universities. This degree builds a knowledge base appropriate for students transferring to arts and humanities programs at four-year institutions or for students building a base for transfer specialization in areas of emphasis that require primarily upper-division coursework, such as Social Work, Multicultural and Gender Studies, or World Arts and Cultures.

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Sciences and Mathematics

The Department includes the disciplines of agriculture, astronomy, biological sciences, chemistry, earth science, environmental studies, geography, math, nursing, nutrition and physics.

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