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Do you love to read and write? You’ll learn how to analyze what you read and become an accomplished writer. You’ll also hone your communication skills and unleash your imagination. Discover who you are and how the language arts shape our culture and society.

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Following graduation, English majors work in many fields, including law, marketing, teaching, media, entertainment, publishing and public relations. Find jobs as teachers, lawyers, politicians, social media manager, journalists, grant writers, technical writers, creative writers, authors or editors.

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Our Language and Literature students seek a deeper understanding on communication with the public through learning another language, translating, interpreting, or writing/publishing. Our programs incorporate skills you can use throughout a variety of different fields; sharpen your skills by utilizing Office Hours, Tutoring, and The Writing Center to grow in your studies and build community as a wolverine. Erica Mercado, Support Specialist

English as a Second Language Option

Students who speak a language other than English may choose English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. ESL classes help students improve their English. If you need support to successfully complete degree and transfer requirements in English, then ESL may benefit you. Please talk with a counselor to review your options. 

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    World Languages

    Do you love speaking different languages? Take classes in either French, German, Italian or Japanese.
    World Languages
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    English as a Second Language (ESL)

    Want to improve your English skills? Our small class sizes allow you to learn how to speak, write and read English. Plus, you can practice your English skills with our professors and other students.
    SC NC
    English as a Second Language (ESL)

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