Susan Kurnett: The Journey to Becoming a Full-Time Chemistry Instructor at Sierra College

July 1, 2016
Sierra College Chemistry Professor Dan Burns

I attended Sierra. This is where I took my first chemistry class, which was with Dan Burns. I then got a job in the stockroom as a student employee. After two years of chemistry at Sierra I received my Associate of Science and was awarded the “Chemistry Student of the Year” award. I was then hired as the Instructional Assistant (IA) in chemistry. After five years I went back to school to get my Master of Science and returned to Sierra to be hired (again) as the IA and a Part-Time (PT) instructor. A few years later I did a year as an LTT, then back to a PT instructor. This year I was hired Full-Time!! And I now have Dan’s old office….full circle.

My older son went to school here and now is at University of Nevada, Reno. My younger son has begun class here this fall. I remember when they were just toddlers, pushing them around Sewell Hall in chairs on wheels. They grew up in this museum.

No grandparents/grandkids attended….yet!