Tahoe-Truckee Campus Snow Day Policy

Day Classes

Sierra College day classes begin between the hours of 9am–5pm. Please check our campus web page for notices about closure. The Tahoe-Truckee main phone number is 530-550-2225.

Evening Classes

The status of Sierra College evening classes is determined by 4pm. Check our campus web page or call the Tahoe-Truckee main phone number, 530-550-2225.

General “rule of thumb” for campus closure is two or more highways leading into the basin under R2 conditions (chains or 4WD w/ snow tires). In particular, snow days are determined by the status of Highway 89 from Tahoe City to Truckee, Highway 267 from Kings Beach to Truckee, and I-80 from Reno to Truckee. Road status is checked at 4:00 p.m.

For information on road conditions, call CalTrans Highway Information network at 1 800 427-7623, or visit their website at www.dot.ca.gov or www.nvroads.com.

Faculty and Staff Guidelines for District-Initiated Snow Days

  • Classified employees assigned to the NCC/Tahoe-Truckee campuses receive regular pay on district-initiated snow closure days. 
  • Faculty assigned to the NCC/Tahoe-Truckee campuses who do not work during district-initiated snow closure days will be paid as though classes were held. 
  • Employees assigned to the Rocklin campus who live in snow closure areas but are unable to report to work due to weather must claim personal necessity leave for any lost time. 
  • NCC/Tahoe-Truckee classes need not "make-up" lost time as Sierra is an FTE-funded institution (not daily attendance).
  • NCC/Tahoe-Truckee employees who work during snow closure days will receive an equal number of comp time hours (not time and one half) available for later use.