Faculty and Staff Resources


Names, phone numbers and emails of Sierra College employees
Curriculum Handbook
A guide for developing new courses, editing existing courses and explaining curriculum processes.
Curriculum Management System (WebCMS)
Automates curriculum proposal and approval process.
Faculty Handbook 2017-2018
Important policies, guidelines and procedures that affect faculty and students.
NCC Faculty/Staff Handbook
Information for Nevada County Campus staff
Order Textbooks
Order course materials from Barnes and Noble College Booksellers.
Printing Department
Submit a request to the print shop.
View course articulation for transfer students between California public colleges or universities.
Degree audit program and academic advising tool.
TES (Transfer Evaluation System)
Interactive resource for course data from institutions of higher education.
Sierra Alert
Sign up for emergency alerts on your phone or email.


Assessment Guidebook
Handbook on educational assessment.
Board Policies and Administrative Procedures
Archive of official policy and procedure.
Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
Homepage for the results, reports and descriptions of SLOs.
Management platform for assessment activities and data.
Planning, Research and Resource Development Office
Collects, analyzes, and gives data to the college community. Supports District planning, budgeting and program review.


Kognito Training/Mental Wellness
Online training in psychological support for students.
Online courses for business and role-specific training requirements.


2017-2018 College Calendar

2018-2019 College Calendar

Retirees Resources

California Public Employees' Retirement System
Community College Employees Benefit Trust
Provides reimbursement of medical expenses to former district employees.
Futuris Retirement Board
Investment and disbursement of funds to eligible current and former district employees and dependents.